Deeper Than text
NYCxDESIGN - 1stdibs Gallery
10 May - 22 May 2019

International in composition, yet connected by process, Deeper than Text is a focused contemporary design exhibition featuring master designers and makers in furniture, lighting, textiles, works on paper and glass. With 20 designers from Beirut to the Netherlands, Los Angeles to New York City, this presentation focuses specifically on strength in form, work designed and made by women with a poignant use of material and innovation.

With Deeper than Text, we are redefining the visual message of women in design. In a world driven by the visual it is no wonder that designers and artists are encapsulated by an image. Reduced down to a screen grab; Does it look good? Is it sexy? What’s the story? Who made it? What does she look like? How many kids does she have? Who’s her boss? This exhibition goes beyond the mundane conversation and introduces a physical narrative in form emphasizing design work as deep and dynamic, just like women.

The exhibition features 18 established and 2 emerging designers, all who are informed by their process and craft, with precise commitment and repetition. The designers achieve the seemingly unachievable by creating innovative, top quality work that pushes through adversity, rejection, challenges and gender questions. Deeper than Text engenders to provide a visual voice heard through the hands and minds, of the makers, through the furniture, textiles and objects, and the vision of their ideas. The work speaks, and the message is powerful.

Malene Barnett
Karen Chekerdjian
Cathrine Raben Davidsen
Egg Collective
Liz Collins
Melissa Cromwell
Felicia Ferrone
Front Design
Elyse Graham
Justine Mahoney
Zizipho Poswa
Michele Quan
Amanda Richards
Leah Ring
Grace Song
Kiki Van Eijk
Myra Von Busekist
Elish Warlop


1stdibs Gallery
Terminal Stores
269 11th Avenue
Lobby 4 – Floor 7
New York

May 10 – May 22 1019

10am – 6pm

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