7 December 2023 - 29 February 2024

Flowers have long provided such rich and wondrous inspiration throughout the history of art and fashion, but what happens when you task some of the world’s leading fashion illustrators and artists to depict nature’s creations? Welcome to SHOWstudio’s latest exhibition, FLOWERS, which does exactly that.

Flowers symbolise a multitude of things; the birth of spring, purity and friendship making up just some of their bountiful offerings. They have also long-provided rich and wondrous inspiration throughout the history of art and fashion with nature’s unparalleled beauty seen in the creations of so many wonderful fashion designers, including Alexander McQueen, Christian Dior Schiaparelli and Rei Kawakubo.

To celebrate the beauty of nature, SHOWstudio proudly announce FLOWERS, a new exhibition reinterpreting the floral form as seen through the eyes of over 70 incredible artists working across a variety of mediums, from the traditional to digital and AI painting.

Showcasing contemporary depictions of flora by some of the world’s leading, cutting-edge fashion illustrators and artists, consider FLOWERS as our way of giving back to mother nature by inviting our ever-expansive network of world-class illustrators to contribute their visions.

As an image-maker, nature has always been central to my work. When I take photographs, I often feel that I see a visual resemblance between the colour, the shape, and the movement of the petals and blooms of flowers with the art of couture and high fashion. In fashion illustration, there’s an unbelievable dynamic energy and an exquisite elegance of form. I am excited to show how this understanding of beauty is applied to nature and flowers through the eyes of this group of fantastic fashion illustrators. — Nick Knight, SHOWstudio Director

Participating are as follows:
Abbey McCulloch, Alessandra Genualdo Kingsford, Alexandra Grahame, Amelie Hegardt, Anjelica Roselyn, Barbara Mancini, Beth Fraser, Blue Farrier, Carylann Loeppky, Cathrine Raben Davidsen, Cecilia Carlstedt, Clement Louis, Cliff Warner, Crystal W M Chan, Dylan Qin, Eduardo Mata Icaza, Emma Larsson, February James, Frédéric Forest, Glenn Sandoval, Helen Bullock, Henrike Gomber, Ian Hodgson, Jacky Blue, Jacquetta Crook, Jenifer Corker, Jérémie Marié, Jessica Bird, Jessica May Underwood, Jiajia Li, Johanna Stickland, Jowy Maasdamme, Julia Pelzer, Kaoru Takano, Katarina Kuhl, Kukula, Lara Lancaster, Lydia Roberts, Mahboubeh Absalan, Marco Rea, Marina Mika, Martha Zpounou, Megan Gabrielle Harris, Nicasio Torres Melgar, Nicolas Roa, Ozabu, Paola Travers, Petra Lunenburg, Piet Paris, Poppy Waddilove, Rashad Al-Karooni, Ray Caesar, Rob Unett, Robson Stannard, Sabina Sinko, Samuel Harrison, Seniz Jones, Shokoufeh Attari, Stephen Doherty, Steve Kim, Stina Persson, Suzy Platt, Teresa Austin, Tiffani Glenn, Tine Isachsen, Tobie Giddio, Tom Hemingway, Tracey Smith, Uzo Hiramatsu, Velwyn Yossy, Veronica Mortellaro, Victor Tkachenko, Von Wolfe, Zhenya Z.