The Museum of Religious Art
22 January - 28 may 2023

The solo exhibition CATHRINE RABEN DAVIDSEN – HYBRID will provide insight into this award-winning Danish visual artist. Generally, one could say that Cathrine Raben Davidsen’s works are hybrids of past and present, the visual and the textual, humanity and nature/animals, figuration and abstraction, light and darkness, a line of control and chaos, presence and absence and, not forgetting, life and death. Raben Davidsen is interested in juxtaposing the above-mentioned opposites, making them appear as harmonious but nonetheless fragmented entities or, in other words, hybrids.

Brand new works created specifically for the exhibition as well as a few older ones will give visitors an opportunity to familiarise themselves with Raben Davidsen’s characteristic universe. Moreover, archive material will be presented in the form of notebooks, sketches, and source material disclosing the artist’s basic conceptual and work processes.

It is a great pleasure to welcome Cathrine Raben Davidsen to The Museum of Religious Art. Throughout her entire practice, the artist has worked intensively with existential issues, and her works beautifully match the museum’s vision for creating an open space for reflection on life’s big questions through visual art.


more info coming soon