Eichu Tea Pot - CRDT113

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Title: Eichu Tea Pot
Artist: Cathrine Raben Davidsen
Medium: Glazed salt fired stoneware with hand-painting
Dimension: 10h x 20w cm / 3.94h x 7.87w in
Edition: Unique - One of A Kind
Inventory number: CRDT113

EICHU tableware is a stoneware tableware, which combines fine art and functionality. Every piece of the tableware is handmade and one of a kind. The stoneware has been fired at very high temperatures, using several glaze firings and each part has been hand painted and glazed by Cathrine Raben Davidsen at her ceramic studio in Copenhagen.

The title EICHU refers to the Buddhist monk Eichū (永忠), who brought tea to Japan on his return from China in the 9th century.

Feel free to contact us at info@crdstudio.com for a full portfolio of available Eichu tableware.

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