Triangle Collection
Nilufar Gallery
March 2017


TRIANGLE collection for Nilufar Gallery includes a series of hand-crafted ceramic pots / Vessel Heads and two geometric lamp designs: Triangle Lamp and Hexagon Lamp. The Triangle Lamp has a cylindrical handmade shade and the Hexagon Lamp is available with two different handmade hexagonally formed shades. All of the shades are made of bronze woven wire mesh. The collection is a blend of sculpture and textile work with a particular emphasis on simple formal expression and the beauty of the imperfect. The Triangle collection is the first collection signed by Cathrine Raben Davidsen / CRD studio exclusively for Nilufar Gallery on the occasion of Milan Design Week 2017.

Working alongside Swedish-born husband Jens Lindegaard / CRD studio brings together a collection of sculptural pieces that explore an intriguing dialogue between art and design. The couple work from their Copenhagen studio, while the ceramics are glazed and fired piece by piece at their cottage in the Swedish countryside. The inspiration comes from among other sources Pre-Columbian terracotta works and ancient Japanese craft traditions, including special glazing techniques and raku firing. The ceramic side table is by CRD studio.

“As an artist doing mostly two-dimensional work I am not usually concerned with creating useable objects and therefore the collaboration with Nilufar Gallery is something very new and exciting. A particular sense for the material and the processual is characteristic of my working method, as my works are often built up of many layers in a variety of materials and techniques. But unlike my two-dimen­si­onal paintings and drawings the ceramics involve a higher degree of loss of control and unpredictability, as the firings and glazes vary and react differently from time to time. At the same time the curved surfaces of the ceramics pave the way for different kinds of narratives without a beginning or ending”. Cathrine Raben Davidsen, Copenhagen, 2017


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