Alice Folker Gallery
16 May - 22 June 2019

Unfunctionality – A group exhibition by Anna Stahn, Cathrine Raben Davidsen, Karl Monies, Lulu Kaalund, Nat Bloch Gregersen and Studio ThinkingHand

In our hectic modern life functionality has become close to serve as an ideology. Chained to everyday life ideas of function, utility, measurable results, linear time and schedules, everything finds its existential eligibility by having a certain purpose – from the things we surround ourselves by to our own human bodies and lives. The state of the unfunctional can be said to be a fundamental anxiety of this society based on efficiency and optimization. Just think about the common phrase “out of order”, which by defining the lack of functional quality, implies a rejection of society; left behind, trashed and forgotten as useless cast-off of our material world. The question arising is, what then is the purpose of a functionless object? The phenomenon of unfunctionality points toward an empty space, an in-between open for interpretation and a sphere of the aesthetic and poetic care and enjoyment of the self enriching our lives. The purpose is nothing less than the presence itself. Being just for the sake of being. Art offers this momental space of breath freed time and space, freed from our functionalized society. Perhaps what we need is more unfunctionality?

Alice Folker Gallery is pleased to present a group exhibition, which rethinks the concept of design, materials and sustainability. The contributing artists are Anna Stahn, Cathrine Raben Davidsen, Karl Monies, Lulu Kaalund, Nat Bloch Gregersen, Studio ThinkingHand and Kristoffer Raasted presenting unique works that emphasize materiality and textural sensuousness. Design-based artworks, sculptural flower-stands, organic ceramic sculptures, colourful crochet rugs, soft neon- works, wall decorations and an intangible lyrical performance are unfolded in the gallery space.

The exhibition contemplates the debate on aesthetics and function and challenges the traditional conception of design as having primarily functional purpose inherited from the modernism. By recalling the classical modernistic catchphrase ”l’art pour l’art” (art for art’s sake), Unfunctionality twists this view into a contemporary interpretation of the concept of design, exhibiting post-functional objects that explores the crossover between the realm of art and design and the firmly established idea of functionality – or unfunctionality – linked to this distinction.

St. Strandstræde 19, 5. tv
DK-1255 København K
Tel.: +45 53 60 33 50

Opening May 16, 2019, 17-20
Performance by Kristoffer Raasted 18.00 pm.
The exhibition is open until June 22, 2019

Thursday -Friday 11.00-17.00
Saturday 12.00-15.00

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