Cosmic Mind

Mythological material, historical accounts and fictional narratives comprise the foundation for the works of Danish artist Cathrine Raben Davidsen. These thematics are once again explored as we proudly present the solo exhibition Cosmic Mind in Kunsthal 1 at CCA Andratx, Mallorca. Magnificent landscape paintings, charcoal drawings of jellyfish on monochrome black backgrounds, leap out on a cobalt blue wall, while paintings of a white swan show up unexpected places throughout the exhibition, symbolizing the second phase of the alchemical transformation that has long inspired Raben Davidsen.

The works, all titled, As above, so below, have unfolded continuously in the artist’s studio, with one landscape leading to the next. The sublime landscapes appear to balance between the unreal and the concrete – whether they are utopian landscapes or concrete places from the artist’s own memories is irrelevant in this case. As viewers, we read our own experiences and our own consciousness into the perceived works, allowing ourselves to be drawn into and absorbed by the journey the artist leads us on. To understand this journey, we need to delve into the writing of the mythical Greek character Hermes Trismegistus’ text the Emerald Tablet and the passage; That which is above is like to that which is below, and that which is below is like to that which is above – often abbreviated to, As above so below. In both philosophy and science, the phrase is read as a reference to the supposed effects of the heavens on earthly events. These include the sun’s influence on the changing of the seasons, the moon’s effect on the tides, but also wider astrological effects. In short, the phrase is associated with both the hermetic and the occult, as well as the sacred geometry, all of which are directions that Raben Davidsen’s artistic practice is concerned with.

If we start to look closer at the Hermetic philosophical idea, it is based on the idea that man can reconnect with wisdom by balancing thoughts and emotions. This is an idea that stems from a Platonic idea, which implies that the physical world is the external, material and visible expression of the invisible principles of an internal immaterial world. The occult discipline, on the other hand, is based on a search for a recognition of the hidden spiritual or divine forces in the microcosm, referring to man, and in the macrocosm, referring to the universe. These forces are not accessible by the physical senses but must be sought and cultivated through the spiritual senses, by which the hidden world is perceived. The third reference in the phrase is sacred geometry, which refers to a graphic representation of the principles and laws that govern the environment. Based on scientific studies, it appears that the systems of this science are the basis of all life including earthly, celestial and even extraterrestrial.

The summary of the compressed phrase, As above so below, is used and expressed in the exhibition through Raben Davidsen’s brushstrokes, describing why and how the world works. The idea infers that visible stars in the sky are related to earthly life, and that the microcosm is connected to the macrocosm. Humanity is related to the superior universe. If we look at the magically created landscapes, they all appear without human traces, thus leaving room for us as viewers to enter the universe that opens to our gaze and, through our consciousness, to be engulfed by the landscape that unfolds before our eyes. Without consciousness, nothing is experienced, neither in here nor out there.


Opening on 8 July 2022, 6-9pm at CCA Andratx, Mallorca. We look forward to seeing you!
Please note that every Tuesday and Saturday at noon during the exhibition period, there will be guided tours of the COLLABORATIONS on vacations exhibitions, followed by lunch in the restaurant of CCA Andratx. Follow the summer programme on instagram @_collaborations and @ccaandratx

Cathrine Raben Davidsen (b.1972, DK) lives and works in Copenhagen, DK. She received her MFA from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts. Prior to this she studied at Instituto Lorenzo de ́ Medici, Florence and at Vrije Akademie, The Hague. Her work is represented in numerous prominent museum collections and institutions, including The National Gallery of Denmark, Horsens Art Museum, Trapholt Museum for Modern Art and Design, Kunsten Museum of Modern Art Aalborg, The Danish Art Foundation and The New Carlsberg Foundation. Raben Davidsen has exhibited widely in Denmark and abroad, worked on extensive commissions and has made set- and costume design for The Royal Danish Ballet. She has been awarded many prestigious prizes and grants such as the Anne Marie Telmányi born Carl Nielsen Honorary Grant, the HH Bruun Honorary Grant, the Niels Wessel Bagge Art Foundation and the Danish Arts Foundation. In 2015 she was appointed Knight of the Order of the Dannebrog by Her Majesty The Queen of Denmark. Cathrine Raben Davidsen is represented by Nilufar Gallery, Milan and The Future Perfect, New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco. Cosmic Mind is her first solo exhibition in Spain.


GRAFIK 1998-2022

Vendsyssel Kunstmuseum præsenterer udstillingen Cathrine Raben Davidsen: Grafik 1998-2022 fra 17. juni – 18. september 2022. På denne retrospektive udstilling vises for første gang et udvalg af Cathrine Raben Davidsens store grafiske produktion.

Udstillingen er et studie i, hvordan en kunstner bruger forskellige grafiske teknikker – litografi, stregætsning, monotypi m.m. – til at opnå nuancer i skildringen af menneskets forhold til naturen og vores forståelse af den åndelige verden.

Cathrine Raben Davidsens afsæt for alle kunstneriske processer er det grafiske værk. Stregen. Det skrevne ord eller den tegnede streg, men mest det skrevne ord – også selvom det ender med en visuel fortælling udmøntet i billedkunst. For Cathrine Raben Davidsen er ord og billeder indbyrdes forbundne i det grafiske, og allerede fra en ganske tidlig alder har skriften fungeret som et æstetisk værktøj for hende. Dette er konkretiseret i de spektakulære, omfattende og tætskrevne mindmaps, som indgår i udstillingen, og som ligger til grund for hele Cathrine Raben Davidsens kunstneriske praksis. Disse mindmaps bidrager desuden til vores forståelse af kunstnerens proces og ikke mindst hendes inspirationskilder, som er at finde i hele kunstens historie.

Udstillingen ledsages af et velillustreret katalog, hvor et udvalg af Cathrine Raben Davidsens samlede grafiske produktion på mere end 400 værker er registreret. Igennem samtalen mellem kunstner Cathrine Raben Davidsen og kunsthistoriker Marie Laurberg får vi desuden indsigt i og en forståelse for de tanker, der ligger bag kunstnerens arbejdsprocesser og inspirationskilder.

I sine snart 30 år som billedkunstner har Cathrine Raben Davidsen udviklet og raffineret et stærkt og personligt udtryk. Uanset hvilket medie hun arbejder med – om det er maleri, grafik eller keramik – har værkerne den samme kerne af feminin, poetisk og nærmest sfærisk energi. Som billedkunstner bevæger Cathrine Raben Davidsen sig ubesværet i tid og rum, imellem myte og historie, lys og mørke, virkelighed og fantasi, fra oldtiden til samtiden.

Det er ganske enestående, at en markant og alsidig samtidskunstner har udforsket det grafiske område i så udstrakt grad, som det er tilfældet her. Som kunstmuseum med en stor grafisk samling ser vi os derfor selvskrevne til at gå helhjertet ind i formidlingen af dette værk.

Besøg Vendsyssel Kunstmuseum her

Udstillingen er arrangeret i samarbejde med Kastrupgårdsamlingen og Vejle Kunstmuseum.

Udstillingen er støttet af Statens Kunstfond.

Udstillingen vises fra den 17. juni – 18. september 2022.

Cosmic Mind – New Lithographs

New lithographs published by Edition Copenhagen in June 2022
view available lithographs here





Danish artist Cathrine Raben Davidsen is one of the first artists in Denmark to open a store of this kind. Inviting guests and visitors to explore the artistic practice and creative universe of her work.

»I want my work to be accessible to everyone. A poster, a book or a print can create as much value for people as a unique work. Opening CRD studio is an extension of my work with a desire to invite everyone into my universe«.

CRD studio is a store and ceramic workshop opening its doors to the public for the first time in June 2022. The store is dedicated to the work of Cathrine Raben Davidsen, serving as an extension of her artistic practice, aiming to create an inclusive artistic experience for all visitors.

The space exhibits unique ceramics, ceramic lamps, limited editions, lithographs, etchings, books, wallpaper, and posters created exclusively by Cathrine Raben Davidsen. In direct continuation of the shop itself, the space houses a ceramic workshop, where the ceramics are glazed and fired – giving visitors a unique glimpse into the process.

»Everybody should feel welcome at CRD studio. The space is not just a shop or a gallery, but also a working area with my ceramic workshop integrated into the space. I wish for it to be a living place, where one can feel at home, while exploring my works«.

Cathrine Raben Davidsen works interdisciplinary across drawing, painting, sculpture, installation, animation, and printmaking in addition to publishing books, limited editions, posters, and handmade ceramics – all rooted in a continuous desire to develop her work. CRD studio is an exploration of this desire, wanting to tread new paths of exhibiting art and interacting with people.

The realm of the shop itself naturally unfolds the universe of Raben Davidsen by showing her works in bespoke surroundings including drapery by &Drape, lighting by Anker & Co, interior solutions by Rømer Harboe, Toni fixtures and paint by File Under Pop as well as custom furniture designed by Cathrine Raben Davidsen for the space.


Art is for everyone, and at CRD Studio all are welcome!

We look forward to seeing you!


CRD studio
Sølvgade 4
1307 Copenhagen




Cathrine Raben Davidsen åbner CRD studio Store

Som en af de første herhjemme åbner den danske billedkunstner Cathrine Raben Davidsen CRD studio som kombineret værksted og butik. Her inviterer hun gæster og besøgende indenfor til at udforske hendes kunstneriske praksis og kreative univers.

”Jeg ønsker, at mit arbejde er tilgængeligt for alle. En plakat, en bog eller et print kan skabe lige så stor værdi for den ene, som et unika værk kan for en anden. At åbne CRD studio er en forlængelse af mit arbejde og et ønske om at invitere folk ind i mit univers.”

CRD studio er både butik og Cathrines keramikværksted, og dørene åbnes for offentligheden første gang i juni 2022.Butikken er dedikeret til Cathrine Raben Davidsens værker og tjener som forlængelse af hendes kunstneriske praksis med det mål at skabe en inkluderende kunstnerisk oplevelse for alle.

Butikken udstiller keramiske unika, keramiklamper, limited editions, litografier, kobbertryk, bøger, tapeter og plakater skabt udelukkende af Cathrine Raben Davidsen. I direkte forlængelse af selve butikken huser CRD studio et keramikværksted, hvor værker glaseres og brændes, hvilket giver de besøgende et unikt indblik i selve processen.

”Alle skal føle sig velkomne hos CRD studio. Disse lokaler er ikke blot en butik eller et galleri. Mit keramikværksted er et integreret arbejdsområde. Jeg ønsker, at det skal være et levende sted, hvor besøgende vil føle sig hjemme, mens de udforsker mit arbejde.”

Cathrine Raben Davidsen arbejder på tværs af tegning, maleri, skulpturer, installation, animation og grafik og har udgivet bøger om sit arbejde – alt sammen funderet i et fortsat ønske om at udvikle sin kunst løbende. CRD studio er en udforskning af dette ønske om at træde nye stier for udstilling af kunst og interaktion mellem mennesker.

Rammerne for selve butikken udfolder sig omkring Cathrine Raben Davidsens univers ved at vise hendes værker i skræddersyede omgivelser, blandt andet med gardiner fra &Drape, belysning fra Anker & Co, interiørløsninger fra Rømer Harboe, armaturer fra Toni og maling fra File Under Pop såvel som specialfremstillede møbler designet af Cathrine Raben Davidsen til butikken.


Kunst er for alle, og hos CRD Studio er alle velkomne!


Vi glæder os til at se dig!


CRD studio
Sølvgade 4
1307 København K